The best guacamole in the entire World

I’m going to kick off my blog with a food post, because who the hell doesn’t love food? Food is life.

I’m not the biggest avocado fan therefore I’ve never cared much for guacamole. I’m definitely not a fussy eater so I would eat it if I had to but it’s not my favourite choice of dip for my chips (it’s salsa, obvs!) But then I tried some real guacamole in Southern California and I have to say, I don’t think me and my taste buds are the problem; us brits just can’t serve up a plate of decent Mexican food. There’s something about the gauc in America which doesn’t leave me disappointed and questioning the point in the funny-looking, bland-tasting green stuff. Now every time I visit the States, chips with salsa and gaucamole is a must.

Then things got even better for me and the funny-looking green stuff. I met a fine looking American chap who makes the perfect guacamole and he gave me the recipe, yippee! It’s pretty simple and you can alter it to personal preference. No more yucky, bland, boring English guacamole…life is just so much brighter for me now.

And because I’m such a pleasant, kind-hearted young lady I’m going to share the recipe. Although don’t get too excited because it really is the most simple recipe ever – anyone can do it.

What you will need:
– A couple (or depending on how much you wish to make) of ripe avocados. They always seem to take a million years to ripen so shove them in a dark cupboard and they’ll be ripe soon enough. Or you could just buy ripe avocados (I can never find them).
– Red and Green salsa. In America you can get hold of both of these easily. I’m not sure green salsa is a thing over here in the UK, but you can probably make it. I’ve made it without the green salsa and it’s still great!
– Garlic salt – as much as you like!
– A couple of good working muscles.

Firstly, cut the avocados in half and scoop them out into a bowl. Using a masher (if you have a miniature one this is perfect) or a spoon, mash them up, getting rid of any lumps. Unless you like it lumpy…you weirdo. This is the part that you’ll need the muscles for.


Add a couple of tablespoons of the red and green salsa and stir. The salsa I use is called Herdez. It’s nice and juicy and not very lumpy so you won’t be able to tell it’s in the guacamole. If you’re an unprivileged UK citizen like myself, you’ll have to use whatever salsa you can find – the fresh supermarket pots will work better as they are juicier. Or quickly pop over to the states and pick up some Herdez!


lastly, sprinkle some garlic salt over and mix it all up. If you’re not fully satisfied with the taste and consistency, add some more salsa and garlic salt until it reaches your standards. If you’re still not satisfied then give up – you are too English to make good guacamole.


The perks of making this amazing, mouth-watering guacamole?

– It’s so easy to make you could probably do it with your feet
– It’s great for every occasion. BBQ, girly night in, breakfast…
– since I’ve been eating more guacamole my hair has grown an in sane amount. Coincidence? I think not.

Thank you Trevor Evans xox


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