All Things July

I’m going to start this post with the classic ‘wow I can’t believe how fast the month has flown by…’ because I actually cannot believe this month is over already. July is my favourite month for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the most obvious reason – it’s my birthday month. I celebrated being twenty-two on the 16th by spending the evening in London seeing a musical followed by some cocktails in Covent Garden. I had a great night besides the fact no one played Taylor Swift’s ’22’ which as a big TS fan, was rather disappointing for me…

I love July also because it’s summer – my favourite time of year. Goodbye winter chills and 9534863749 layers of clothes. Hello Sunshine and happiness and cute, floral dresses. Everything is prettier in the summer. Even the word ‘July’ is pretty.

Here are some cute/cool/interesting things I bought or was given this month.

1. ‘Listography’



I bought this from Waterstones for £11.99. It’s an autobiography in the form of lists. Each page has a different title, some of which are ‘List your favourite movies’, ‘List your proud accomplishments’ and ‘List your best purchases’. I love this because it’s such an easy way of journalising your life, and I get a sense of enjoyment from making lists. I will continue to add to all the different lists as my life goes on so I can read back on them and be reminded of all the great memories and cringeworthy phases I’ve had.
The book is by Lisa Nola and there are also others in the ‘Listography’ series, including ‘Travel Listography’, ‘Food Listography’, and ‘My Future Listography’. You can check them out here.

2. ‘Gowild-er-ness’ Nail Polish


I love this colour and haven’t stopped wearing it this month. It’s from Rita Ora’s summer festival Rimmel collection. There are 12 different colours in the range and I’m so tempted to buy them all because they’re so pretty! What I love most about Rimmel nail polish is that it dries in 60 seconds, so if you’re as impatient as I am these polishes are a dream come true.

3. Glass Drinking Jar


These are so cute I bought two. They are perfect for drinking cocktails or fresh lemonade out of and are great for using outdoors. I got them from Hobbycraft for just £2 each! Could not resist.

4. Cute Cat Scarf



My housemates bought me this scarf for my birthday. As you can guess, I am a cat person. Cats > people. This is going to be my new thing that I take with me everywhere. I usually like to carry a scarf in my bag even in the summer so if it gets slightly chilly or it rains, I have something to wrap around/over myself.

5. ‘Sweet Smile’ by Impulse


I always carry some form of body spray/perfume in my bag and this month it has been this one. It smells everything like the name with sweet and refreshing aromas of Pear and Jasmine (how do they keep coming up with super-appropriate names for scents?!) This is definitely my favourite summer body spray and I’ve been complimented on how nice I smell several times since I’ve been wearing it.

6. Yellow T-shirt



I love wearing pastel and bright colours in the summer! This has been my favourite t-shirt to wear this month. I got it in the ‘New Look’ sale for £3. I love simple tops like these because they can be worn almost anywhere. It’s quite loose and soft so perfect for just sitting around in, but I can throw on a pretty necklace/scarf and wear it with some bright lipstick and a nice skirt and it’s great for a day out! These tops are still in the sale and there are several different colours available. Have a look here.

(Excuse my lack of ironing. I can’t remember the last time I picked up an iron…)

7. Body Shop Giftset


I am possibly the most typical girl you could ever come across. So naturally I LOVE the Body Shop! My best friend bought me this for my birthday and I can bet that, like me, she spent a good while smelling all the different products before making a decision. These are fruity and fresh and I could eat them because they smell so so SO yummy.

July you have treated me well!

What were your favourite things this month?


5 thoughts on “All Things July

  1. For one, it’s my birthmonth too. The 23rd is my birthday. I love that school’s out for 7 weeks. I teach in a secondary school. So, holiday! No summers here. It actually rains on a daily basis. I don’t mind it especially as I got nowhere to go. Just snuggle under the blankets and catch up on my reading.


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