The Festival Survival Guide

This week I’m counting down the days until the weekend because I have exclusive tickets to Louder lounge at V Fest. Way, way, waaaaay too much excitement for one little person! Free pampering, free luxury overnight stay, and most importantly FREE FOOD. all whilst hanging out and enjoying the music in the VIP section. Sweeeeeet!


With it being mid-August, which also means it’s mid-festival season, I thought I would do a post about the essentials you need for any festival. I want to do this post for one main reason; I went to Lovebox Festival last month and let myself down big time in terms of what I took with me. I must save other festival noobs from doing the same. This list is useless to me because I’ve been told the toilets and showers I’ll be using this weekend are ‘posh’ (okay now I’m just bragging) but it will certainly come in handy when I pack for any future festivals I attend as a non-VIP.

  1. Tissues
    These are absolutely essential, hence why they are top of the list. Everyone knows those portal loos are –  how do I put this bluntly? DISGUSTING. Sure they might be in alright condition and fully stocked with bog rolls at the beginning of the day, but after just a few hours of drunken festival goers abusing them…not so nice. Avoid using that horrible sandpaper or doing that oh so fun drip and dry dance on the loo.
  2. Hand sanitiser IMG_0740This stuff is like life-saving juice in a bottle for us OCD clean-freak weirdos. I get five glorious smelling hand sensitisers for five dollars from Bath and Body Works, or as I know it, heaven on Earth. This is an American store but you can get these online in the UK, although not for anywhere as cheap. Have a look here
  3. Mini Wet Wipes
    Perfect for removing any leftover make-up you haven’t managed to sweat off, or even better, wiping down your dirt-covered feet. Gross. Which reminds me – don’t make the same mistake as one of my girlfriends by wearing sandals to a festival! You can get some miniature sweet-smelling wipes if you shop around. Pocket sized wipes are perfect for carrying around at all times. Try these
  4. Tablets
    Paracetamol which contains caffeine is great if it hits 5pm and you’re already hangover (oh those shameful 10am beers).
  5. Deodorant
    A roll-on is great because it fits into any small bag and will be your saviour on hot, stuffy days. Miniature perfumes are ideal if you have any of those too!
  6. Cash
    Put it some place where no one can get easy access to, e.g. a small compartment of a bag, your shoe, even your bra. I ran out of cash and ended up spending £5 on a refreshments stool just to use my card to get cash-back. I bought a tube of Pringles for £3. Three whole English pounds. I don’t even like Pringles.
  7. Water
    So this should have been at the top of the list considering it is actually a life saver. I hate to get all grim but people do pass out and die at festivals for getting too messed up and forgetting to drink water. Bottled water costs about a million pounds at your average festival so taking some would be wise.

I have just realised how sensible this all sounds. This post could have been written by a fifty-something year old who cares way more about comfort and health than having a good time. Although for me feeling comfortable and healthy is a contributing factor for having a good time.

Any normal and average twenty-two year old would tell you that if you get f*cked up enough, you won’t care what you look, feel, or smell like…


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