Packing for Hols…#nightmare

HAPPY FRIDAY to all people reading! And what a happy one for me it is. Tomorrow I will be jetting off to a far away land where the sun always shines and the mimosas are served bottomless. I am off to the Wild West, otherwise known as California. It’s not actually a holiday for me as I am going there to see my special someone, so it’s almost like a second home. However it will be a nice break from the 9-5, well, 6 in my case. Oh, 11am lay-ins come to me!

As exciting as it may be, preparation for a big trip is a whole tonne of effort. Actually I’ll rephrase that; preparation for any trip is a whole tonne of effort. I’d like to be that calm and organised woman, happily dancing around her room in the style of Mary Poppins as she gently adds items to her well-arranged suitcase whilst she paints her nails and orders a taxi for the morning all at the same time. Instead I am the opposite. I am not calm, not organised, and not gently adding items to my well-arranged suitcase. of course, I leave all packing until three hours before my flight leaves, or I have done it the night before but end up turning my suitcase upside down in an attempt to find something which is actually sitting on my shelf. I am the woman aggressively shoving just about everything into her three billion suitcases and bags whilst shouting at inanimate objects for being in the way.

This is how you prepare in the style of me:

Step one: Take a nice long and relaxing bubbly bath with candles and music and everything else dreams are made of.
Step two: Get into your favourite Hello Kitty pyjamas and make a cup of tea with your favourite mug. This step is very important if you’re British.
Step three: Sit down on the sofa for a bit and then spend the entire evening watching Friends.
Step four: Realise it’s getting quite late and think to yourself how sleep is very important before a long flight and you should probably just do your packing in the morning.
Step five: Pull your hair out packing a few hours before your trip.


I’m going to need a bigger suitcase…

I will be posting about the wonderful things I get up to throughout my trip so stay tuned! Especially if you like looking at pretty sunset pictures and reading about unhealthy (but yummy) American food.



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