California Part One


After a looooong eleven hour flight and another stressful experience at LAX (I feel like I have to pass some sort of challenge to be given entrance into the States), I am here all safe and cosy in the arms of my American guy. Who I might have to sneak into my suitcase when I return because I miss him a huge amount. I’m already dreading our goodbyes at the airport, but I shouldn’t get onto that subject now because it will make me all sad and I still have a couple of weeks yet.

So, let’s keep this post happy!

It’s been five months since I last saw Trev so you can imagine how excited I was as I was walking out of the airport. I gave him the biggest hug ever and went all shy. I hate to get all mushy and soppy but I was so so happy to finally be with him. Even though we live 5000 miles apart, I have never felt so emotionally close and comfortable with someone so the distance almost just becomes non-existent. I hope five months is the longest we’ll ever have to go but I know if we had to do it again or longer, we would be able to get through it.

I’m usually the one doing the flying because I get a lot more time off of work (the average American gets 5-10 days off a year?!) and I also get heavily discounted plane tickets. The perks of being friends with plane engineers 😉 but fingers crossed he will be in England with me for (a hopefully white) Christmas.

So what have we been up to so far?

Trev and I have made it a tradition to eat at a restaurant called Islands and order Root Beer Floats for our first lunch/dinner together after I land in the U.S.
They serve the best nachos ever so we split some of those, too. When I’m here, trevor isn’t the only thing I have to make the most of…I also have to cherish the wonderful Mexican food! Now I’ve tried this cuisine here in California I struggle to enjoy it back at home. It just isn’t the same.



We did a bit of shopping to get me all set for my stay. This involved an obligatory trip to my favourite shop here, Bath and Body Works. Their Fall range is on sale so I was in my element smelling all the candles and lotions as Trev plodded along behind me holding the bags. I left the shop with a nice full bag of Autumn goodies which of course I will be blogging about later.

As always the pups were very excited to see me. Jack and India are possibly the most loving dogs I’ve ever known and they keep me company whilst Trevor is at work. What a pair of cuties!



Last night we watched the sunset at Huntington Beach which is where Trevor lives. This is probably my favourite beach so far in California because it’s big enough to walk along for a while and there’s plenty to do, however it has a chilled vibe compared to Santa Monica and Venice. Every Tuesday they have a market day which sees the town centre fill with locals setting up stools, singing, dancing and participating in interesting activities like donkey riding or feeding the animals in the pens.



The landscape is always so beautiful on the beach so me being the enthusiastic photographer I am, I had to bring my camera along. We got some really lovely photos which are definitely canvas-worthy!








We have plans to visit the Mountain House in Idyllwild this weekend and then Palm Springs after that as it’s close by. So there will be lots more lovely photos to come!



6 thoughts on “California Part One

  1. Wow this is so familiar to me! I live in North Carolina(east coast United States) and my boyfriend lives 20 minutes from Huntington Beach. Flying in to see him is one of the most exciting and wonderful things! I am headed back there for Christmas. Good luck to you both in the future!

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