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One of my favourite shops in the entire world is typically on the other side of the planet. This shop is, for me, heaven on Earth. it is also known as Bath & Body Works, and it is full of all the things I love to buy; candles, moisturisers, body fragrances, and more candles.

Being the stereotypical British girl I am, I love the Autumn. England is the place to be in October if you want to see pretty red leaves and golden landscapes. This new Fall range which Bath and Body Works have on sale reminds me of everything Autumn is in England. A majority of the products were under the ‘buy 3 get 3 free’ deal which obviously justifies the need to buy the entire store. So I did some shopping!

One of the factors that makes this store so great is how everything is organised according to colour and seasons. It makes shopping a more pleasant experience and it soothes the OCD within me.








England needs this store.

the first thing I added to my bag was the Brown Sugar Allspice candle. my boyfriend actually picked this one out and I have to say he has good taste. This candle smells so yummy I question how it’s not edible! It’s always worth spending a bit extra when it comes to large candles because the better the quality, the better it will be at making your entire room smell delicious.


I can still smell this the day after it has been burning. This scent is everything you want when you’re winding down and making yourself cosy on a gloomy Autumn evening.

I then had to face what felt like the most difficult challenge in the whole world and choose six products in the  ‘buy 3, get 3 free’ offer. The first three were easy; Apple Harvest!


If you love the smell of apples then these products are for you. With key notes of the scent being Suncrisp Apple, Orchard Leaves, Harvest lemon, Apple blossom, and Jasmine Woods, these will leave you smelling so sweet you might want to bite a chunk out of yourself!

Since I was a young teenager I have moisturised religiously. I can’t take a shower and dry myself off without feeling the dying need to cover myself in body lotion. I’ve had the same post-shower routine for so long now that if I don’t moisturise after drying off I feel as if I’ve committed a terrible crime. And my skin feels like it has been taken over by satan and will start to burn and flake off in my sleep.

Not really but I honestly cannot remember what it feels like to not moisturise after a shower. It pays off because I do have very soft skin!

These body lotions are among some of my favourite moisturisers for several reasons. Firstly, they smell insanely good, and the scent actually seems to last on my skin unlike a lot of lotions. Secondly, they are non-greasy which makes them easier to absorb. This is handy for me because I’m impatient and don’t want to be standing around rubbing lotion into my body for longer than what feels necessary. Thirdly, they contain vitamins E and B5, along with Aloe which is great for your skin, especially if you’ve been exposed to the sun more than usual.

I picked myself out the Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin and Perfect Autumn Day. These should keep me going for a while!


The key notes in Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin are Heirloom Pumpkin, Autumn Cinnamon, Ginger Snap, Whipped Vanilla, and Golden Amber.


The key notes in Perfect Autumn Day are Bartlett Pear, Crisp Autumn Air, Maple Toffee, Amber Woods, and Fig Leaf.

The last of the six products I chose was the fragrance mist A Beautiful Day. I had a voucher for a free travel sized item so I also got the small lotion as well. It’s a perfect addition to hand luggage, especially after being on a long-haul flight and feeling like you need to shower for at least an entire day.


I love this scent because it leaves you smelling fresh and clean. It also reminds me of one of my favourite perfumes, Be Delicious by DKNY. These mists are perfect for spraying all over yourself to freshen up on a hot day, and also make great room sprays. The key notes in this fragrance are Sun-Kissed Apple, Dewy Pear, Sparkling Cassis, Wild Daisies, Lily of the Valley, and Fresh Pink Peony.

I also couldn’t resist picking up a few anti-bactirial gels, along with a holder which is perfect for adding to the keys. They are ideal for keeping in your handbag and using before you eat, or after you’ve been pretty much anywhere in the outdoor world.



I’m always so torn for choice when it comes to shopping in Bath & Body Works. If you have any favourite products and recommendations from this store let me now what they are – I’ll give them a try!


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