10 Reasons to Love Cats

Today is National Cat Day (well it’s still the 29th here in America) so be sure to give your furry friends an extra big cuddle! To acknowledge this I thought I’d write a post to celebrate these purrfect feline creatures we have been blessed with. I’m also a big fan of cats so any opportunity to express this is wonderful!

Us Cat lovers don’t need reasons to love Cats but for those who are not so fond, perhaps this list will convince you.

Here are 10 reasons you should love Cats, featuring lots of my favourite photos of Tilly, my own fluff-ball.

  1. Their eyes are so badass. I want a pair of Cat eyes!IMG_0078
  2. They are so soft and smooth and beautiful to touch. Their fur is like a silky coat full of dreams. This makes Cat cuddles the best!IMG_4914
  3. They are so easily pleased. Through their eyes, everything is a toy.IMG_1233
  4. They will wake you up every morning at the same time and who wouldn’t rather wake up to a cute fluffy face as opposed to a loud ringing alarm clock? And then they will curl up into the cosiest ball and sleep for the next ten hours which will make you wish you were them.IMG_1166
  5. They will always be around to help with any task. Whether they’re attempting to nap across your keyboard or rolling around in your fresh laundry, they’re helping in their own way.IMG_3864
  6. They are comical geniuses. You could spend hours browsing Youtube for funny Cat videos and it’s time spent very well.IMG_5061
  7. Kittens are literally the cutest. Ever. Their tiny little noses, ears, paws. Just AW!IMG_1011
  8. They are there to greet you after a long, hard-working day. And they immediately make everything better with their soft cuddles.IMG_1329
  9. Cats are the funniest nappers. A lot of the time they twitch in their sleep and you’re sure they’re dreaming of chasing mice and birds.IMG_1197
  10. A purr is possibly the most comforting sound in the world. Not to mention the most adorable! A purring Cat is a happy Cat!IMG_4291
    Share your cutest Cat photos in the comments below – I’d love to see them!

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