California Part Two

Recently I have returned back from the beautiful and sunny Huntington Beach to the gloomy and cold place that is England. It’s been a busy few days with work and sorting a new place to live and I only just unpacked last night! In my opinion, unpacking is much, much worse than packing. It was miserable.

But I have lots of wonderful photos and more memories to treasure and keep me going until I next see my Amercian chap. It’s not all bad.

My boyfriend and I returned back to the stunning and peaceful mountains of Idyllwild for the first time in a year. Trev’s parents have a cosy cabin overlooking the mountains so we stayed there with them for the weekend. It has been worked on so it looked even lovelier than last time! I adore the interior in this house.







Look at this stunning view from the lounge!


We explored the town, ate at some lovely places and took the pups for a walk whilst admiring the view.

The town is small, quirky, and pretty much exactly how you’d imagine a town in the middle of the mountains to be. All the shops and restaurants are local businesses and the owners are really friendly so there was a sense of homeliness and comfort. It was a nice break from the busy streets of Orange County.








Whilst we were there we also took a trip down to Palm Springs and visited the Living Desert zoo. It was so hot, in fact too hot so it wasn’t long before we returned back to the mountains for dinner.





When we returned to Huntington Beach we enjoyed our last week together by having a few dinners, visiting our favourite theme park Knotts Berry Farm, having a mini golf competition (which I was awesome at by the way), and of course carving pumpkins.

I always get quite worked up when pumpkin carving because I’m so weak so it takes me quite long. And I’m also clumsy so there is the constant fear of missing and carving my hand instead. Pumpkin soup with a side of fingers anyone?








All in all I had a fantastic time with Trevor and the adventures will continue when he comes to see me for Christmas. We are thinking of having a few days in Paris which is very exciting! I cannot wait. He’s taken me around California so I would love to show him the best places in Europe. Until then I will continue to see him though a computer screen, *sigh*. It’s all worth it.

I would love to hear from anyone who is also in a long distance relationship – it’s comforting to chat to people in the same situation. Comment below or contact me at and tell me all about it!


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