Quick Cauliflower Curry

This evening I improvised with a few ingredients and made the best curry I’ve made yet! I find the best results always happen when you least expect them. Give me a recipe and the exact measurements and I’ll screw it up. Tell me to use what I have in the fridge and suddenly I’m a top chef. Well not really, but what I’m trying to say is I work better without rules.

I spent the weekend with my family in Kent so naturally I returned with a bag full of vegetables. My parents grow their own, and they always have so much so I get to help myself. Who needs Tesco and their chemical filled cucumbers? Not I.

This time I came back with a variety of veggies including garlic cloves, a lot of onions, and a big cauliflower. Being a big curry fan, I couldn’t think of anything else I’d rather cook up with these base ingredients.

Curry is the perfect meal for the beginning of the week because a) you can pretty much use any leftover food from your Sunday roast – chicken, potato, cauliflower, etc, and b) it’s easy. You just chuck in what you fancy and season it to your own preference. Oh, and it’s also healthy!

For my curry I used: Cauliflower, Garlic, Onions, Schwartz Mild Curry Powder, Garlic Ginger paste, Chopped Tomatoes, Cream, Vegetable stock, Onion and Garlic Salt, ground pepper, and rice. You could use half of that stuff and still be able to make an epic curry. I just used whatever I had in the cupboards!

I chopped the onion and garlic and fried them in the curry powder. I then started adding the rest of the ingredients and seasoned it to how I like. It was really that simple. The magic happens when the ingredients are bubbling away in the pot. The longer you let your curry simmer, the more the seasonings will infuse your vegetables/meat, and the better it will taste.




I even made enough to have for lunch tomorrow, so my working day will be far from dull.

Why don’t you challenge yourself to make the best of your leftover ingredients, and make your own personalised curry dish? It’s the perfect way to heat up your chilly Monday evening!


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