Practical Paperchase Purchases


Uh-oh, it’s been a little while since I updated this blog. I have let my boring adult life get in the way. The disappointment is real. Whilst working full time, having a side business, and moving house (amongst other activities that have kept me busy) the time has flown by and suddenly it’s almost May?! I’m not slacking I promise. Time is not on my side.

Being in such high demand (it’s a hard life being so popular) I decided it was finally time to be a bit more organised and get myself a planner. So I popped into Paperchase and of course got my weekly dose of over-spending when I left the shop with more than just a planner in my bag. But it can’t be helped when my love for new stationary is strong, and everything in Paperchase is so damn cute. Ooo and there was a sale! Completely justified.

What I purchased:

Diary/planner (and not the fun write-down-everything-you’re-feeling kind of diary you keep when you’re 15, which you later find and cringe over and and tear into many tiny pieces).


Super handy for a busy, forgetful person like myself. Nice and small so it can fit even in the smallest of my handbags (but I’ll probably forget to take it anywhere). Cute little design which makes me want to look at it more.

Mini notebook


I decided to buy this because a) it’s small so can I take it everywhere and jot down any ideas/lists on the go, and b) the cool design. I’m a photographer so most of what I write down will be photography/creative/blog related and this is a very appropriate design!

Letter holder

Letter Holder

Because I need to move that ugly pile of letters/notes I have stashed behind the mirror. Also a pretty object that will go nice on my desk.



How cute are these?! They also had ladybirds and ducks – it was a difficult choice. I feel my notice board could use some Turtles. Handy for pinning important notices/letters to the wall.

Scented Markers


Great for highlighting all important must-do-asap tasks. They also smell really, really nice, especially the chocolate one.

Now I’ve bought a few practical items to help with my busy lifestyle, I have no excuses to not keep on top of all my blogging. I’ll be posting some travel related content soon! Meanwhile, check out my photography blog –


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