An ‘update on my life’ post

This year so far has been super busy for me. As I find myself prioritising time for both a full time job and freelance photography work the weeks have rushed by, and somehow we’re in August. Wasn’t it Christmas like, yesterday? Mad.

So, what’s happened recently?

At the beginning of this year I had just moved into a new town and house with three people I’d never met before. To a lot of people this sounds like a nightmare, but I’ve always been quite free-spirited and open to new experiences, so for me it was an exciting new chapter of my life, especially as I was bored to death of living in a town where the most thrilling thing that happened was the yearly cake sale outside of Tesco. The place I live now (in Surrey) is much more lively, close to London, and even has a decent sized shopping centre. Oh and there’s a Costa and a Starbucks, just imagine how spoilt I am for choice. But the best thing about moving is the people I have met. My housemates are fun, easygoing, and they get along very well with my cat. I am currently planning a trip to Norway at the end of the month with my housemate and now good friend, Lalie, who I have a lot in common with. I’m very much looking forward to posting all about that little adventure!

IMG_5477Me (left) with my housemate and good friend, Lalie.

I have now been working my job as Creative Director for a year. It has given me so many new opportunities, taught me a lot of new skills, and I’ve been to some pretty cool events. As well as this I’ve also been working hard with my freelance photography and am getting more and more work. I have transformed half of my room into a studio and office as it is quite big so thought I’d do something wise with the extra space. I’ll do a post about this soon as I am planning on giving it a new look. I will make time for this because I love a good makeover and have been dying to do it!

Recently I took two weeks off work to hang out with my favourite American who visited all the way from California.

IMG_5170My ‘no work for two weeks’ selfie. Take me back to this moment please!

He has been in several of my previous posts, check out California Part 1 and part 2. Trevor has now been accepted into university in London and starts studying this year. Goodbye long distance and hello to a fresh start for us. We are going to see how it goes and what this happy change brings for us. We had a great couple of weeks relaxing, walking around London, and eating a lot. I think he is going to love England.

IMG_5308Trev and I enjoying our walk around Greenwich, London.

On July 16th I turned 23. I would very much like to have stopped at 22 so I could spend the rest of my days singing Taylor’s ’22’ song joyfully. But unfortunately life doesn’t come with a much needed pause button and I am now stuck with the ‘Nobody likes you when you’re 23’, although I do actually like that song, it’s fun. But seriously, each year added to my life puts more pressure on me to act more like that thing people call an ‘adult’. What is that? Maybe I’ll do more research into it when I’m 25 and my railcard discount runs out. That’s going to be a rough day.

Anyway, I think I’m done rambling now. Phew! I have lots of new posts coming up so hope you will keep your eyes peeled for those. Please do also leave your blog addresses in the comments below as I enjoy a good blog reading session during my daily commutes. I love anything lifestyle/travel/food/beauty related!

Soph xox


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