NYC Travel Cards

This week, I have two different friends who are going to be in New York City. Having explored Manhattan alone with my camera, I was inclined to suggest the best places to see. Instead of writing a list (even though I do love a good old fashioned list) I used the photos I took to suggest sightseeing ideas. I printed them out and gave them to one friend over dinner, and emailed them to another friend.


It’s a simple but cute gesture, and they both love them. I made them in photoshop by simply adding a gradient filter and text to the image.

RowStatue of LibTimes SquareFountainBrooklyn BridgeCP skylineWTCLoeb BoathouseRockefellerFerryHorseManhattan Skyline

So, for anyone going to New York in the near future, these could give you a few ideas of what to do! Or perhaps you could make something similar for a trip you have planned, mix them all up, and pick one at random for some spontaneous adventures!



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