Uni Goodie Bag

As I’ve mentioned in my previous posts, Trev has moved 5500 miles from sunny California to rainy London! It’s a huge change but he’s already loving this chapter of his life and his software engineering course. Me being me, I put together a goodie bag of some things I thought he would need for his studies. A big brown bag full of University goodies!



I love shopping for small bits and pieces for gifts so I was in my element wandering from store to store. Most of the bits were bought from a stationary/home living shop called Tiger. It’s possibly my favourite shop ever. It’s not huge but you could easily spend an hour in there, circling the place several times. If you like to add a bit of quirkiness to your home/office you have to check it out. I mostly filled my basket with stationary but also got some other cool things.

Pens, pencils, highlighters, hole puncher, notepads, rulers…


I love these pastel coloured pencils which have writing on them, such as ‘for writing a diary’ and ‘for writing love letters’. Probably a bit too girly for Trev but they’re cute. he has informed me that he’s already used them in class and had no idea they had writing on them…*face palm*


Toothbrush holder, memory stick, filtered water bottle, stapler, ring binder…


Another notepad, pencil case with rubber and sharpener, food storage box (which can be made bigger by pushing it out, how smart!), memo holders, revision cards, mini cheese grater…


My personal favourites are the ‘wanna taco about it?’ notepad purchased from TK Maxx, and the mini cheese grater from Tiger. I’m sure Trev is going to miss his great American tacos because I’m yet to try a decent taco in England (open to suggestions guys) so thought this notepad would do for now. The mini cheese grater is a joke because we always say you can never have too much cheese sprinkled onto your food. Maybe the mini cheese grater will help him flavour some of the awful student meals he’ll probably have to eat…



I also love these simple photo/memo holders. They were only £1 each from Tiger and will work perfectly to hold any small notes/photos/to-do lists, especially if you don’t have a notice board above your desk.


I love putting small but thoughtful gifts together in this way. Any excuse for a stationary spree!


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