All Things Bath & Body Works: July-Sept

Ah yes – a post about my favourite items from one of my favourite shops. How did I live before I knew this place even existed?! I have a range of Bath & Body Works products so thought I’d share with you my favourites from the last couple of months. This is a big deal for me because we don’t have this shop in England, so when I manage to get hold of anything from B&BW, I am extra thankful and rather excited.

Let’s start with the candles!


If there’s one thing in life I absolutely love, it’s a good smelling candle. As you might have seen from my last B&BW post, Autumn is my favourite season to shop for anything related to candles/moisturisers/scents. However I was particularly impressed with some of the summer candles this year. I got a few 3 wick candles for my birthday, and let’s just say my boyfriend knows me pretty well because I’m sure these are the scents I would have chosen myself. Pomegranate Lemonade, Watermelon Lemonade, and Strawberry Cupcake. yes, yes, and yes! I am obsessed with lemonade and love the smell of lemons. These candles were perfect for my chilled out summer evenings. They completely filled the room with their gorgeous scents, and you can still smell them a few days after they’ve been lit. If you haven’t yet tried the Bath & Body Works 3 wick candles I would recommend you do! The quality is amazing and there is a candle for every mood you can imagine.


I also have the 3 wick candle ‘Leaves’ which is just as lush. With scents of crisp red apple, golden nectar, and warm clove spice, this is basically Autumn in a jar. It’s got a warm Autumn design which adds lovely colour to my room, and has a leaf imprinted on the lid. This is exactly what is needed for turning dark and chilly October evenings to warm and cosy nights in. It came in a pretty box with a ribbon and a box of matches, how exquisite!



Body Lotions


I have a good mixture of different body lotions, mostly from the summer sale. I decided to try a few new and different scents, such as ‘Cucumber Melon’ ‘Mango Mandarin’, Country Apple’, and ‘Peony’. These are all summery scents with are great for giving you that extra clean and fresh feeling after a shower. I can’t not moisturise after I shower so love to stock up on B&BW lotions. Not only do they smell beautiful, the consistency of these lotions are non-sticky and not too thick, meaning you won’t spend a great deal of time smothering yourself from head to toe! Sometimes it’s nice to cover yourself in a heavy moisturiser, but for my every day routine I prefer something a little lighter and less greasy for easiness.

The one which surprised me most was ‘Peony’. Floral scents aren’t usually my favourite, but this one isn’t so over-powering and is very refreshing. It’s my favourite one to wear during the day.

I am also in love with the ‘Salted Caramel Pumpkin’ lotion which has scents of sparkling tangerine, pumpkin puree, whipped buttercream, salted caramel, and maple flakes. Anything with hints of pumpkin is going to be a winner in my opinion! I love how I smell after applying this lotion. It’s fresh but also sweet and cakey. Delish!




I think my favourite thing to do when I’m in B&BW is to buy what seems like hundreds of hand-sanitisers. They are so much more fun (and nicer smelling, obvs) than your every day anti-bacterial gels. I always keep a couple in every handbag and they come in handy when I’ve been out and about all day, especially in the city. A few of my favourites include ‘Boardwalk Vanilla Cone’, Sparkling Limoncello’, and of course, ‘Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin’. they leave your hands feeling clean and like you have the best smelling hands in the world.


I also have the foamy hand soap ‘Sunlight Apple Trees’ which has scents of crisp apples, Autumn quince, and white birchwood. I am very fond of anything that smells like juicy apples and it’s ideal to add to the home during the Autumn season.


Get down to Bath & Body Works and grab yourself a basket full of goodies for a pamper!




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