Wanderlust Wednesday: Greenwich Park

As a photographer, one of my favourite things to do in my free time is…you guessed it! More photography. I’m a natural explorer and love being outside, wandering around known or unseen beautiful places and just generally enjoying the scenery. I love planning big and small adventures and I’ll always take my camera to capture it all. I keep an Instagram page dedicated to my travel photography and often use the popular hashtag #WanderlustWednesday, which has inspired me to do this post. I love sharing photos from my travels near and far so have decided I’m going to make ‘Wanderlust Wednesday’ a series on my blog. Every Wednesday I’ll share photos and write about an interesting/beautiful/ spot I have visited, and this will further encourage me to get out and discover new places. Win win.

I’m starting my Wanderlust Wednesday series with a place that is and always will be close to my heart; Greenwich Park in London. I grew up visiting this place every summer. My parents used to take me for picnics in the park and we’d feed the squirrels and go see the deer, or ‘Bambis’ as I genuinely thought they were called. I’ve always returned to Greenwich Park in the summertime as I feel a sense of homeliness for it. Now My boyfriend studies at Greenwich University I have taken him around the park and plan on spending a lot more time there. It’s no doubt my favourite place in London.

What I love about Greenwich Park:

  • It’s familiar and I have memories there
  • The impressive view of London
  • The pretty scenery

What to do:

  • Visit the Royal Observatory
  • Take photos of the awesome view of London
  • Rent a paddle boat
  • Have a picnic and spend the day lazing around or playing frisbee
  • Cycle/rollerblade/skateboard around the park – take advantage of the hills!

Beware of:

  • The crowds of tourists near the Royal Observatory, all desperate to get a great photo of the London skyline. It’s a miracle if you spend more than a couple minutes admiring the view without being asked to take someone’s photo.
  • The huge hill you have to walk up to see the view. Either it keeps getting steeper, or I’m getting older. But it’s totally worth it.


Greenwich Park in photos



















– n
A Great desire to travel and rove about.



8 thoughts on “Wanderlust Wednesday: Greenwich Park

  1. Greenwich Park is one of those iconic spots I haven’t yet got round to visiting – it looks like a stunning view, when I next visit London I’ll have to try and squeeze in a trip!


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