My Work Corner

This week I had some free time on my hands (for once!) so gave my work corner a makeover. I haven’t included any ‘before’ photos because the mess was too embarrassing (and I didn’t think to.) Just imagine this space a lot messier with bare walls.


I don’t have the biggest desk in the world…it’s small for a small person and a laptop. I would like to get an iMac at some point (keep dreaming, Sophie) so will need to upgrade my desk if I do so. But for now everything is small and sweet, like me.


I keep the essentials on my desk; storage pots, a letter holder, and stationary. My best friend bought me the cutest storage pots for my birthday. I love them! They add a nice dash of colour to the area and give it a modern look. They are very me. Also perfect for shoving in random bits and pieces such as paper clips and pins.


I finally popped my notice board up and then went over-board on pinning things to it. I originally wanted to pin up important documents and boring to-do lists, but later changed my mind to decorating it with greeting cards and memorabilia. I realised that when I’m working at my desk I want to be reminded of happy memories, and not the fact I still have a tonne of work to do. Going over the top on your notice board gives a fun collage-look to your wall. To pin things onto the board, I used some cute turtle pins I found in Paperchase which I wrote about in a previous post.


I have still managed to pin a to-do list up on a travel tag, which I think looks cool and more interesting as opposed to a list written on plain paper.


Above the notice board I have pegged some printed photos to some string. I used stick on hooks for this which are a great idea if you’re living in a rented property and don’t want to damage the walls. I used some old funny photos I already had at hand which provide me with happy memories, but eventually I would also like to peg up some of the cool landscape photos I have taken.


Having a set of draws next to your desk is ideal if you have objects you need to store away, such as books or an excessive amount of stationary (guilty.) I have placed my printer on top to save space, along with some personal touches such as the camera piggy bank (perfect for photographers) and framed photo my sister gave to me.



Behind the printer I’ve hung up a cool NYC canvas and draped my fairy lights around it for a cosy look and feel.



I have placed this vintage looking chest on the floor next to my desk. It’s where I keep all of my travel memorabilia which I am planning to use for a scrapbook. The box is quite travel-themed so it only makes sense I would keep it all in there. I found it in TK Maxx, which is a great place if you want to find quirky ornaments and items for your home. I balance my notebooks on top to add a work look to the area.



Having a work corner somewhere in your home is handy if you spend a lot of time on your laptop. Now I’ve added a little personality to mine I feel like I’m more likely to do some work at my desk, rather than in my bed…


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