Wanderlust Wednesday: The Mountain House in Idyllwild, California

When you think of California, you think of sandy beaches, hot weather, glamorous people, and maybe some of your favourite TV shows. I love Orange County and the big, beautiful beaches but Idyllwild is different. It’s a place for relaxing, taking long strolls, and seeing stunning scenery.

Located in the mountains above Palm Springs, It’s approximately two-three hours from Los Angeles. Luckily, my boyfriend’s parents have a cosy cabin overlooking a spectacular view, so we’d get to spend some time there when I’d visit.

What I love about Idyllwild:

  • It’s beauty and peacefullness; it’s the perfect place for napping!
  • The friendly locals
  • The unique shops which sell amazing sweets/soaps/keepsakes
  • How close you feel to nature
  • The incredible sunsets

What to do:

  • Go hiking! A popular trail is the hike up to Suicide Rock which is elevated at 2000 ft and is a 6.5 mile round trip. It is worth it for the wonderful view.
  • Wander around the small town and check out the cool, quirky shops, and eat at one of the local, friendly restaurants.
  • Camp out in one of Idyllwild’s parks.
  • Visit one of the nature centres.

Beware of:

  • Mountain lions and bears!
  • The long trails. Just make sure you’re wearing appropriate footwear and have plenty of water.

Idyllwild and the mountain house in photos







‘I am not the same having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world’
– Mary Anne Radmacher


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