Wanderlust Wednesday: Road Trip Through France

This week’s Wanderlust Wednesday is dedicated to the road trip through France which me and my friend took in the summer. We drove from England to the South of France and back in four days, stopping off in Paris, Annecy, and the Verdon Gorge. I will be posting about the places we visited in individual posts later on. In this post I want to focus on the times we were on the road because the views we got to see were just as incredible as the views at all the places we stopped at. Most of the time we set off just before sunset so some of the photos I got from the passenger seat are stunning! We got lucky with the weather being hot, sunny and clear which meant for great photography opportunities.

What I loved about being on the road in France:

  • The beautiful places and sunsets we saw
  • The sense of adventure whilst driving out in the open and going wherever we wanted
  • The fun we had camping and trying to fit the double blow up bed into our ‘double’ tent. It was a hilarious scene and I possibly almost died laughing and suffocating during the process
  • The amount of snacks we consumed
  • Having a break from every day luxuries such as cutlery and a nice, clean shower which is ironically refreshing.

What to do

  • Research all of the best places on your route and stop off for a visit
  • Go camping somewhere in the Alps (beautiful surroundings!)
  • Set your route to avoid tolls – it will take you longer to drive through the country but it’ll be more interesting than being on a main road for hours. Road trips are all about adventure, discovery, and taking unique routes.
  • Stop for photos and to admire the scenery

Beware of

  • Your satnav directing you to Belgium instead of Paris…we got there in the end
  • Toll routes! Taking the quicker and easier route is expensive
  • Running out of water – there were times where we were driving through the mountains for hours, and there were no shops in sight. Take lots of big bottles of water!
  • Campsite closing times – one night we didn’t make it in time so we slept in the car. It wasn’t too uncomfortable but admittedly I was quite scared…
  • Seeing roadkill. Lots and lots of roadkill.

Road trip in France from the passenger seat in photos











‘People don’t take trips, trips take people’
– John Steinbeck


12 thoughts on “Wanderlust Wednesday: Road Trip Through France

    • Thank you! From Surrey in England to Calais it took a couple of hours. From Paris to the south of France it would take about 10 hours but we stopped off in different places and did it over a few days. Haha the double bed was the same size as the double tent so it was a bit of a squeeze! Time to buy a bigger tent…

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  1. I love your photos, especially those at sunset- stunning! Look forward to reading your posts on Annecy and the Verdon Gorge- they’re both places I’m hoping to visit over the next year as I’m living in south-east France (ish!) at the moment 🙂

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