What I’m Wearing: October

It may be approaching the end of October, but I haven’t yet felt the cold enough to pull out the big coats and wooly scarves. It’s that funny time of year where it’s too warm during the day for a coat, but too cold not to wear one during the evening. At least that’s how it feels in London, anyway.

This month I have been wearing this A-line black checked skirt I bought from H&M. What’s great about this skirt is that it can be worn with pretty much any top because of it’s simple style and design. I paired it with a bright mustard roll-neck top (also from H&M) to add some colour to my look.





I’m carrying my brown leather bag which is actually designed for carrying my photography equipment, but it’s so trendy that I’ve started using it as my every day bag. I am also obsessed with my pair of black boots which I got from Primark for £20. Every year I face the trouble of hunting down a pair of long zip-up boots which fit tight enough around my legs, so I was shocked when found these whilst casually strolling through Primark! They probably won’t last until next year but they’re definitely my go-to pair of boots right now.

As for my coat substitute, I love the big over-sized look of the cardigan I picked up in Forever 21. I found it in the plus-sized section in a store in California and fell in love with the bold design and earthy colours. I take this everywhere at the moment as it’s so cosy.




This has been my most worn outfit this month. I love pairing earthy, simple tones with bright colours. There’s something seasonal about this look, almost like I’m matching the colours of the leaves!

What do you think?





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