Wanderlust Wednesday: Richmond Riverside

I love being by the water which is ironic considering I can’t swim. I especially love being by the river. There are many places by the Thames where the scenery is beautiful and one place it is particulary stunning is Richmond. Richmond-upon-Thames is located in south-west London, approximately 15 minutes from Central London. It’s surrounded by restaurants, bars, and boats and is quite a busy area. There is a path along the river which leads away from the hustle and bustle to somewhere more peaceful and calm.

What I love about Richmond Riverside

  • How beautiful it is
  • The perfect balance of city and rural surroundings
  • The friendly ducks and geese

What to do

  • Go for dinner and drinks at an outside restaurant/bar overlooking the river
  • Walk/cycle along the path by the river (there are huts to rent a bike)
  • Rent a boat

Beware of

  • How busy it is by the restaurants and bars during the summer


Richmond Riverside in photos





‘Follow the river and you will find the sea.’




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