Wanderlust Wednesday: Washington, D.C.

Despite the current uproar with American politics and the White House, I’d like to share how great of a place the capital of America is, or at least that’s what I thought when I visited it a couple of years ago. I spent my time in the Smithsonian for a couple of days, wandering around the museums and admiring the famous monuments. I then spent a day at the Smithsonian National Zoo. All the places I visited were free entry which was a huge plus for me travelling around on a budget. It’s also a nice way to educate and enrich citizens and visitors with history and knowledge.

What I love about Washington, D.C.

  • It’s a beautiful and picturesque place with spectacular monuments, buildings, and reflecting pools.
  • The museums and zoo are free.
  • The Smithsonian teaches so much about history and science.
  • Everyone is so friendly.

What to do

  • Spend a lot of time in the Smithsonian! From wandering around the many different museums to visiting the Memorials, there is so much to do.
  • See the White House.
  • Visit the free zoo and see the adorable animals.
  • Book a bike tour which will guide you around the best sights, including the Lincoln Memorial, The White House, the WWII Memorial, the United States Capitol, the Washington Monument, and many more.

Beware of

  • The price of food and drink. Whilst many activities are free, it’s always going to be expensive to dine in popular cities.

Washington, D.C. in photos 
















‘Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer’.
– Unknown.


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