Wanderlust Wednesday: Devon

Back in the summer a friend and I visited Devon for a weekend of relaxing on the beach and sightseeing. The weather was very up and down, with it being hot one day and rainy the next. So we spent the warm day walking along the beach and sunbathing, and we even went for a dip in the (absolutely freezing) sea. We ate at a nice restaurant on the shore at sunset and the view was stunning. The next day we walked through a cute town full of cream tea cafes and vintage shops, and stopped for some tea and scones whilst it rained. It was possibly the most British place I’ve been.

What I love about Devon

  • It’s a quiet, peaceful place perfect for a relaxing weekend.
  • The scenery is beautiful.
  • It’s a great place for some traditional English tea and cakes.
  • The beaches are huge and very dog friendly. At one point there were definitely more dogs than humans.

What to do

  • Go to the beach, of course!
  • Go for a surf in the sea if you’re brave enough.
  • Take your dog and treat them to a fun weekend outdoors.
  • Research the best cafes for tea and go for breakfast.
  • Grab a treat from one of the many ice cream shops.
  • Wander around the local towns. Most of the shops are local businesses so you’ll find some unique and wonderful treasures!

Beware of

  • The shops not accepting card payments – Devon is quite old fashioned, take your pennies!
  • The changing weather – by the sea it’s often windy so take warmer clothes to wrap up in if the weather turns.
  • How cold the sea is, even in the summer.

Devon in photos











‘Wander often, wonder always.’


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