Tube Stop Tuesday: Cutty Sark for Maritime Greenwich

As a photographer and someone who has always lived in the south, I am a big fan of the city. I’ve visited several cities now; New York, Paris, Los Angeles…but London is home, and London is special. A quirky, lovely kind of special. You may hate the rush hour madness and the constant down pours, but you can’t deny the beauty of the landscapes and it’s ever growing supply of things to do. From world famous landmarks and magnificent shows, to scenic parks and cosy pubs, there is no doubt something we all love about England’s capital.
I find myself in London a lot more than usual now that a) my boyfriend has moved here from California, and b) I just landed a freelance editing job near Chelsea. I have explored many places in the city but I know I am yet to stumble upon countless pretty new places, and I’d love to share everything I know and everything I find from now on, here on my favourite internet space. I’ll be posting weekly updates on my favourite spots in London under the headline ‘Tube Stop Tuesday’. This is similar to my current series ‘Wanderlust Wednesday‘ where I write about and share pictures of places I have visited.
The station I’ve chosen to kick off my Tube Stop Tuesday series is Cutty Sark for Maritime Greenwich. I know it’s a station on the DLR service but it’s still underground so it’s technically still a tube stop, right? Besides, how can I not include this wonderful place on my blog?!
I am fortunate that my boyfriend now studies and lives in this area, so I’ve gotten to know it pretty well. I’m a keen explorer with a heart full of wanderlust, so when he messaged me saying he had some cool spots he wanted to take me to, you can imagine how excited I was.

The circle on the map below shows the general area I would recommend you visit. In this area you will see the Cutty Sark itself, Greenwich park, and the Maritime Museum to name a few. There are also a good number of pubs and places to dine.

Greenwich map.jpg

If you haven’t been to Greenwich before, I’d recommend you pop it on your bucket list. Like a lot of places in London, it offers iconic British scenery with its historic architecture, typical pubs, and old street lamps which look like something straight out of a Charles Dickens story.

Here’s my list of things to do if you stop off at this station:

  • See inside the Cutty Sark – the longest lasting ship which was used to bring tea from China to Britain. (Tickets start at £13.50).
  • Walk through the Old Royal Naval College which is on the same grounds as the University of Greenwich. (Free).
  • Walk from the Cutty Sark toward the University and keep going further as if you were walking to the o2 Arena. Stay by the river and you will find some lovely pubs and garden areas. On this walk there is a children’s story built into a brick wall which is quirky, unique, and worth seeing. I have included photos below.
  • Visit the Maritime Museum to learn about the Royal Navy and Britains historic experiences with the ocean. There are some cool displays including old ships! (Free).
  • Walk around Greenwich Park – check out my Wanderlust Wednesday post about this place for more things to do there.
  • Visit the Royal Observatory Museum located in Greenwich Park. (Tickets start at £9.50).
  • Wander around Greenwich Market.
  • Visit the Queens House where you can admire beautiful art, architecture, and royal history. (Free).
  • Go for a drink in a pub, there are plenty around!
  • Take the foot tunnel under the Thames to the other side of the river. The entrance to the tunnel looks the same on each side; it is a small round building which has stairs leading to the tunnel (pictures below).
  • Take the boat instead of the tube from Greenwich into Central London. Tickets aren’t too pricey, or you can use your contactless card or Oyster card to tap in and out of boat stations!

Here are various photos I have taken in Greenwich. I hope this post and these images encourage you to give my favourite place in London a visit!





























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