Wanderlust Wednesday: A Wintery Stroll

This week’s Wanderlust Wednesday is a little different; I usually stick to a particular layout with an introduction about the location, why I love it, things to do there, and what to beware of. However, to celebrate tomorrow being December (holy moly how did we get here so fast?!) I thought I’d share some photos I took one snowy morning whilst walking around a local University. Because this place isn’t a popular holiday destination or famous tourist spot, there’s not much to write about in terms of things to do. But if you are ever in Surrey and happen to be passing through an old town called Egham, the University of Royal Holloway is worth checking out – it has stunning architecture that is possibly the closest resemblance to Hogwarts I have seen.

It doesn’t snow that often in the south of England, so when it did I grabbed the opportunity to get some pictures and went on a morning stroll, after letting my cat out briefly to experience it for the first time. As a typical cat she didn’t seem at all bemused…











Please please please can we get a white Christmas for once?!


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