Christmas Jumper Wishlist

It’s no longer too early to talk about the much anticipated (or dreaded for some) C word. It’s CHRISTMAAAAAAS! It only comes once a year (unless you’re that annoying, eager maniac who finishes all their Christmas shopping in August) so get out, celebrate and enjoy every second of it. Me? I love Christmas because everyone is so much merrier, the towns are twinklier, and homes are cosier. Plus we all get to stuff our faces with unbelievably good food until we can no longer move and deem ourselves in the state of a food coma. My fav festive feeling. One of my other favourite things about Christmas is, of course, the Christmas jumper. No Christmas can be done without! I have plenty from last year, and the year before, and the year before that. But I’m a female and that means there is always room for more clothes.

I’ve had a browse online and I’ve chosen 5 Christmas jumpers that I would love to wear!

  1. Obvs a Christmas cat jumper. Anything with cats on is a must. (George, £12).


  2. This is adorable. I love the colours and the design reminds me of Bambi! (George, £12).


  3. I love the simple design on this jumper, and it has pockets! This would be a great low-key Christmas jumper for the days I’m not quite up for wearing a bold, overly cute design. (Next, £35).


  4. I love this for a more elegant choice of Christmas attire. The colour is beautiful and it looks so cosy. (M&S, £29.50).


  5. Another cat jumper. One is never enough. This sort of looks like my cat, too! Although she wouldn’t be having any sort of Christmas hat placed on her head… (M&S, £29.50).


    So, which one shall I go for? Or shall I just get them all?…








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