Tube Stop Tuesday: London Bridge

In this weeks series of Tube Stop Tuesday I have chosen to share photos and write a bit about London Bridge, a glorious part of the city on the south side of the river. Like many parts of London, it is a great place for dining, drinking, or just generally hanging out and enjoying the view. If you’re visiting London for the first time, I would recommend having a wander around this area for a great view of Tower Bridge and the city skyline.

The circle on the map below shows the area I wandered. I mainly stuck close to the river to get photos of the skyline – this is also where a lot of nice restaurants and bars are. This is a popular area for many tourists and commuters so is usually buzzing with large crowds (and people getting in the way of your perfectly timed photo…)


Things to do by London Bridge Station:

  • If you have some spare money, check out the view from the Shard! It’s pricey (around £30 a ticket) but I’ve heard the view is pretty epic. There are a few nice restaurants and bars up there which I can’t wait to check out! The station is right next to the building so whether you go up or admire it from the ground, you’ll get some pretty cool photos.
  • Wander along the river and enjoy the view of the landscape. You’ll see plenty of famous buildings such as Tower Bridge, the Gherkin, and the Tower of London (which is where the Queen keeps her crown jewels!). There are some lovely bars and restaurants along the river bank, too.
  • Get tickets to the Tower Bridge exhibition where you will learn how the famous bridge works, and also get a chance to walk along the high walkway and enjoy some great views. (Tickets are around £9).
  • Climb aboard the HMS Belfast ship to discover Britains’s naval history.
  • Visit the Hay’s Galleria for some shopping and a bite to eat. This is where you’ll also find the Navigators, a cool sculpture built in 1987 by artist David Kemp.
  • Check out the London Bridge Experience if you are feeling brave enough…the attraction will teach you about the history of the bridge, and if you know anything about London’s history, you know you’re in for a scary one!
  • Visit Borough Market (just opposite London Bridge station), which is the oldest food market in the UK.
  • Take a boat from the pier to enjoy many beautiful views of London whist cruising along the Thames.
  • Walk along London Bridge itself, where of course you’ll see more fantastic views.


























Have you wandered around London Bridge station? What’s your favourite thing about this part of the city?

Stay tuned for another Tube Stop post next Tuesday!


6 thoughts on “Tube Stop Tuesday: London Bridge

  1. It’s been ages since I last wandered round this bit of London – Borough Market is always a good idea (the free samples from that Turkish delight stand are to die for!) and there are great views of the City of London. Also worth noting is that National Rail have a lot of 2-4-1 offers, which I’ve used on a few London attractions including Tower Bridge (well worth it!)

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  2. Thank you so much for these super pics of London. I love looking at pictures of London. Makes me feel homesick. Once you have enough pictures of London….perhaps you could think about a “London book”. Just an idea. I would be the first one to buy it.

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    • Oh wow thank you! Taking photos in London is my favourite thing to do 🙂 that is an excellent idea!! I plan to do Tube Stop Tuesday every week so I’ll have hundreds in no time haha! How long did you live here? And how long ago?


      • I first came to London from Germany as a teenager to learn English .. Then I came to Canada and went back to London to work there as a translator. I lived in Battersea, Clapham, Streatham, Kingsbury and the last time in St. John’s Wood with a friend. All in all I lived in London approx. 11-12 years. I often think about London and the nice times I had. But Montreal is also a very nice city, just different. While living here I also learnt French.
        Just to let you know that you can self-publish your books with Amazon and it is free. Just to let you know.

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      • Wow! so you must know London quite well! That’s so cool that you did all that. I live quite close to Clapham! And work close to it. If you ever want to visit I’d happily wander around with you! Thank you, you have inspired and encouraged me to do that! I have so many photos and more to come 🙂

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