Yankee Mini Christmas Candles

Mini candles are possibly the best invention since sliced bread. Okay, slight overstatement, but they are ideal for indecisive ‘I just want them all’ candle lovers like myself. Take me to the Yankee Candle shop and I’m like a kid in a candy store. I’ll wander by each perfectly colour co-ordinated wall, smelling every candle that takes my fancy with a huge smile on my face. Mini candles are great because a) you can buy all the ones you want without spending a great deal and b) by burning through them quicker you get to experience many more wonderful scents, and experiment with which smells you prefer.

I have a selection of miniature Christmas Yankee candles which smell absolutely beautiful, so naturally I have to share these with you all so you can have a little Yankee splurge asap. Honestly, who doesn’t love candles at Christmas all year round? It’s a definitive way to make your home feel warm and cosy, especially in the evenings.


My collection of six includes:
– Snowflake Cookie (Marshmallow, Nutmeg, Vanilla, Buttercream.)
– Christmas eve (Orange, Almond, Red Berry, Vanilla.)
– Cinnamon Stick (Cinnamon, Clove, Cardamom, Cedarwood.)
– Angel’s Wings (Sugar, Marshmallow, Jasmine Petals, Vanilla.)
– Christmas Garland (Fresh Cut Pine Boughs and Zest Cranberries.)
– Icicles (Fresh Pine Trees, Spicy Cinnamon.)



I’m usually a sucker for a Cinnamon candle, but my favourite has to be Snowflake Cookie. It smells so irresistibly sweet that I could chuck it in my mouth whole. Kidding of course, but this is the ideal candle if you want your home to smell like freshly baked cupcakes. On that note, I’m off to do some baking…


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