Why I’m Ditching New Years Resolutions

‘New year, new me’ is a sentence that will never not make me cringe. Why do we need to wait for a new year to start making positive changes? Why can’t we strive to be what we want to be all year round? Our goals and dreams aren’t restricted to the beginning of a new year. It’s taken me 23 years to realise that New Years resolutions are, to put it bluntly, a big pile of poo.


Last year I made one New Years resolution, and that was to start dancing again. And not the kind of 1am-drunkenly-shifting-from-foot-to-foot-in-a-club-I-hate kind of dancing. I want to learn a technical type of dance, preferably tango or salsa. When I used to dance every week for A-level performing arts (high school for my American readers) I had so much energy, confidence, and flexibility. I did my dance, stretch, and vocal exercises almost every day and it reflected positively in how I felt. My lazy posture improved drastically, I began to speak clearer, and after practise I could finally do the splits. However that skill died many years ago in the SU during freshers week…a story for a different time. RIP to the hamstring in my left leg. 

So at the beginning of the year I joined a local gym to get myself prepared. I started doing all of my old stretch routines, and the hamstring is back in the game (it actually took a solid few years to recover – they aren’t messing when they say warm up before you workout). But life started to get in the way – I was balancing a full time job with freelance work, chores, travelling to Kent to see family, and a social life. I looked into several different classes and with prices at triple figures, I just kept putting it off. I failed my 2016 resolution.

But I still really want to learn how to dance, whether it be now or in another two years. I need to do it when the circumstances are right otherwise I’m not going to fully enjoy it. Making a New Years resolution only puts you under pressure to achieve something, and when life throws you a few curves and you can’t achieve your goal, you feel disappointed in yourself. Well at least I did anyway. So from now on, I’ll set myself goals without the pressure. I’ll take up dancing again for sure, but only when I know I can give it my 100%.

A lot changed for me in 2016; I left my comfortable but miserable full time job to pursue my dream of being a freelance photographer. I know it’s going to take a lot of hard work and determination to get where I want, but I’m a lot happier. My boyfriend who I would travel 5500 miles to see has now moved to England, thank the lord. I haven’t travelled as much as I would have liked this year, but I did take a fantastic road trip from England to the south of France. I have started to blog much more often and I’m really enjoying it; it’s very fulfilling and I learn something new every time I write a post. So I’d say all in all 2016 was a successful year for me, despite “failing” my one resolution.

If I had to make one new years resolution, it would be to never make a new years resolution again, and to stop waiting for a new year to set new goals.

Ditch those undesirable new years resolutions for a promise to yourself that you will just be you (because you’re probably already wonderful) and will do whatever makes you happy, not just for the next year, but for the rest of your life.

Now, where’s the wine?!


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