The Liebster Award

Last week I was nominated the Liebster award! This lovely little award is usually granted to up and coming bloggers and it’s a great way to recognise new blogs and get bloggers chatting. I was kindly nominated by Ashley, author of Wonderdolls. Ashley is on a mission to visit 25 countries before she turns 25, and she is currently at 20 with less than a year to go. Find out how she gets on by checking out her blog and giving her a follow.

I was asked these five questions:

What’s the best airline you’ve ever flown with?

To be honest, I haven’t flown with a huge variety of airlines. When I travel, I book the cheapest flight possible so I can spend money on something more worthwhile, like food. I’m small so leg room isn’t a big deal, and I usually take my own snacks and entertainment anyway. All I care about is getting a window seat for the view. Norwegian are pretty good considering they are so inexpensive, and I’ve also had great experiences with British Airways.

If you had to learn another language, what would it be? Why?

It would probably be French as France is close and I love visiting. Last year I did a mini road trip from Paris to the South of France and I found myself in many situations where I wish I could speak more of the language so I could have spoken to the locals. I know a little bit of French and I have always had plans of learning more. My French teacher used to tell me I was great at the accent haha. J’aime la France.

What food would you recommend from your home country?

As a huge foodie this question is hard. Honestly, just eat everything you can when you’re here in England. People always say our culture doesn’t offer much in terms of food but I wholeheartedly disagree. Have you ever spent an entire morning wandering around Manhattan desperately searching for a classic full English breakfast before actually realising it’s an English breakfast and you aren’t in England so it’s nowhere to be found? Don’t slate the British cuisine! The first time I cooked my Californian boyfriend an English breakfast he died and went to food heaven (no, not because of my poor cooking). It’s now one of his favourite meals. I’d also recommend a good old fashioned fish ‘n’ chips by the seaside. That’s as British as it gets and it goes down a treat, especially followed by a Mr Whippy ice cream.

Where was your first trip (outside of family vacations)?

My first time abroad was when I was 17 with my friend and her dad (does that count?) We spent 3 weeks in North Cyprus and it was a lot of fun! I learnt how to almost swim, we did a paraglide off a mountain, and I have never been as tanned as I was after that holiday. I took my first trip without anyones family when I was around 18/19. My best friend and I spent a few days in Paris and Disneyland.

What’s a country you’ve visited that you would want to live in?

I’d live in North America, and would jump at the chance of moving there. I love that each state offers something unique, so I’d spend my free time road tripping through the country to all the different national parks, beaches, and cities. They also serve up the most incredible burritos and tacos I’ve ever tasted.

For this award I am nominating:

London Wlogger
Lottie Flint
Pulse London
Jocelyn: aspiring grown up
The Wild Wayfarer
The Wandering Broski

The questions are:

  • What inspired you to start a blog?
  • Have you visited London, and if so where is your favourite place within this city? If not, what would you like to see in London?
  • Which destination would you return to no matter how many times you have visited?
  • Are you planning on doing any travelling abroad this year?
  • What’s the biggest mistake/silliest thing you’ve done abroad?

Happy blogging!

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6 thoughts on “The Liebster Award

  1. Loved your answers – especially the one about the English breakfast! We have a similar, if not completely the same version over here in Ireland and I would take it over every other breakfast any day! I mean – have you ever had an america version of a sausage?! And thanks so much for the nomination! I did this at some stage last year though unfortunately.. because I’m loving your questions!

    Liked by 2 people

    • I know what you mean!! Haha. I can’t complain about American pancakes with syrup and bacon but the English breakfasts have my heart. Heinz baked beans are a rare sight over there 😭 I thought maybe there might be a chance some have already done this! Sorry!

      Liked by 1 person

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