Tube Stop Tuesday: Canada Water

Tube Stop Tuesday: Canada Water

This week I ventured to a location in London I’ve never actually stopped by before; Canada Water. I was on my way to meet my boyfriend at Canary Wharf, so thought I’d have a look around seeing as it’s the stop just before Canary Wharf on the Jubilee line. I had no idea what to expect, apart from perhaps a lovely place by the river filled with Canadian themed restaurants and shops? Not quite. This area of London is fairly modern and if I’m being honest, not much is going on here in terms of popular tourist attractions. There was a lot less hustle and bustle than somewhere such as London bridge, just two stops away. It had a bit of a peaceful vibe and seems like a great place to live if you want to be in the city but not have the craziness that comes with it.

As with any new place you explore, you’re likely to stumble upon a new, undiscovered spot that you become impressed with and feel the need to show everyone. This happened when I decided to walk from Canada Water to Canary Wharf (you’d have to get a boat across the river but altogether it would take less than half an hour.) Then I found the cool spot and watched the sun set over London, so didn’t end up walking as I didn’t fancy wandering through a park alone at dusk with over £2000 worth of camera equipment…I do make wise decisions sometimes. So, there’s not a great deal of touristy stuff to do near this tube station but it’s worth popping there to enjoy the stunning view. Oh, and there’s also a shop called ‘The Range’ close to the station which is like a small version of IKEA and it’s super cheap. I’m a sucker for a homeware shop so I did spend more time than I’d like to admit wandering around looking at lamps and smelling every single candle on the shelves. So it’s safe to say I’ll now be a regular around Canada Water…

Things to do near Canada Water Station:

  • Check out Canada Water Culture Space, an advanced library that hosts theatre, music, dance, comedy, literature, and community events. When I walked by this building there were many skateboarders whizzing around showing off their finest tricks. It’s cool but it did put me a tad on edge because I tend to always nearly get knocked over by people on wheels!
  • Visit the Surrey Quays shopping centre for shops such as The Range, Tesco Extra, Superdrug, and River Island. A bonus is that there are toilets here. Any Londoner knows the struggle of trying to locate a free loo in the city.
  • Visit the Brunel museum which explores engineer Brunel’s projects in an engine house above his Thames Tunnel.
  • Wander around the lake just by the station and watch the ducks. There are cute little huts for the birds however I witnessed a rat swim across and claim one as his own! What a cheeky bugger. Poor ducks.
  • If you’re a sporty person, check out Decathlon, a gigantic sports shop that sells equipment/clothes/tools for every sport activity you can possibly think of.
  • Walk by the small water channel which leads from the lake mentioned above to the River Thames. Again, there are many ducks and birds which reside here.
  • Make your way to Stave Hill Ecological Park where you can walk up the hill and enjoy a fantastic view of London’s skyline. I was lucky to find this place as the sun was setting so beautifully!






























Have you been to Canada Water before? Is it somewhere you’d like to stop by?

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