Window Seat

Well hello, there! Long time no see. Oh how I have missed you.

There is just too much to fill you in on since last year, but we’ll save that for another post. I am making my grand re-appearance by posting something simple.

Last December I took a month long trip to California. It was wonderful. But I am feeling slightly guilty that I have not done one single post about my travels, or any of my travels and what I’ve been up to since! Long story short, my photography business has really taken off and has been keeping me right on my tippy toes. I am maaaaad busy, guys.

So I’ll start by sharing some photos I took from my little economy window seat on board a British Airways flight from London Heathrow to LAX.

December 2017 was quite a chilly month in England so I was very happy to be jetting off five and a half thousand miles across the world to a warmer climate. Saying that, the snow covered the land in England (or Scotland?) so beautifully. I loved that you could make out where the snow had started falling…


Doesn’t it look magical?!

After a couple of wines (ha, yeah right!) and a poor attempt at a nap, I got the camera back out whilst we were flying over only God knows where. Perhaps Canada…


Those mountains were stunning.

And then a few hours later (longest flight eveeeeer) I was pretty sure we were flying over Arizona, and what looked like the Grand Canyon…


And finally, Los Angeles…


Does anything beat an arial view of this beaut planet?! Window seat FTW!

Seeing these photos again makes me want to book a flight to just about anywhere right now.

Look out for my next few posts where I’ll be waffling on about my trip to California, and of course I’ll be sharing lots of photos! I only took about 2000…

x x x





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