As you can probably guess by my blog title, my name is Sophie. The name Sophie originates from Greece and means wisdom. That’s lovely, but to be honest I’m just named after my Mum’s pet hamster. And if I’m being really honest I resemble a hamster more than a wise young woman. I’m small and I spend more time than necessary napping and nibbling on whatever I can get my hands on.

So, what other totally relevant and quirky details should I share about myself?! I’m pretty much everything you would expect a twenty something year old girl to be. I’ve written twenty something because currently I’m 23 and I know I’m not going to remember to update this every time I turn a year older. Some of the things I like include exploring new places, photography, the occasional baking session, and a good curry.

I live in the suburbs of London and work as a freelance photographer and video editor. Working from home is an absolute treat. I work when I need to, take naps when I fancy, and my co worker is my cat. Winning!

Soph in the City is my bit on the internet where I write about my life in London and share some of the photos I take. You can expect posts about travel, things to do in London, photography, and general life. Sometimes I even throw in a foodie post if I discover a recipe I love. I have a couple of series I post under each week; Tube Stop Tuesdays and Wanderlust Wednesdays. If you love travel or are planning on visiting London, you might just find these posts useful. Maybe. If not, you may enjoy browsing through the photos.

I love meeting new people with similar interests – so get in touch! I’m always up for a chat and laugh, and am happy to do collabs.

I hope you enjoy my blog, and please link me to yours in the comments so I can give it a follow!

Soph xxx

P.S. As a photographer I do wish I could supply a better, more up to date photo of myself but I suck at being in front of the camera. When I took this I was very happy rowing around a lake in Central Park and also this is my favourite top ever. So I guess this pic will do for now!



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Sophie. I’m loving your photos. You’re a visual story-teller. I’d be really interested in your opinions on a post I did a while back about creating narrative through photography. Just put ‘patchwork’ into the search bar on my site. Don’t worry it’ll work. Random I know haha. Also you simply must join us on our weekly Travel Twitter chat (if you tweet that is). It’s called #travchat. I think you’d love it. It’s 9:30am GMT on Wed mornings (if you can skive away from work for a bit) Just google Travchat to find out more. Our last chat for the year is 14 Dec. Anyway enough drivel from me. Keep up the good work. Cheers

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    • Thank you so much! That’s so sweet. Of course, I’ll check it out! I do tweet and I’d love to join! I’m freelance so no early start for me on Wednesday haha 🙂 My photography twitter name is @photosfromsoph. I look forward to joining!


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