Tube Stop Tuesday: Leicester Square

Tube Stop Tuesday: Leicester Square In my experience Leicester Square is one of the busiest places in London. The only time I’ve seen it relatively calm is on a weekday night. This place doesn’t sleep! It’s a lively square in … Continue reading

Tube Stop Tuesday: A Summary

Tube Stop Tuesday: A Summary Last Tuesday I posted my tenth post in my Tube Stop Tuesday series. Where has the time gone?! It only seems like last month I was wandering around Greenwich capturing my shots for my first tube … Continue reading

Tube Stop Tuesday: Embankment

Tube Stop Tuesday: Embankment This week’s Tube Stop Tuesday is going to be short and sweet. Whilst there is a lot to see and do around Embankment, it is also very close to other tube stops such as Charing Cross, … Continue reading

Tube Stop Tuesday: Canada Water

Tube Stop Tuesday: Canada Water This week I ventured to a location in London I’ve never actually stopped by before; Canada Water. I was on my way to meet my boyfriend at Canary Wharf, so thought I’d have a look … Continue reading

Tube Stop Tuesday: Westminster

Tube Stop Tuesday: Westminster This weeks edition of Tube Stop Tuesday is dedicated to one of the most visited places in London; Westminster. Home to the popular tourist attraction that is the Palace of Westminster, but also widely known as … Continue reading

Tube Stop Tuesday: Canary Wharf

Tube Stop Tuesday: Canary Wharf What I love most about my Tube Stop Tuesday series is that I learn so much more about the city I live in. Just when I thought I knew my way around and all the … Continue reading

Tube Stop Tuesday: Charing Cross

Tube Stop Tuesday: Charing Cross Located on the Bakerloo and Northern line, Charing Cross is a busy station in central London with both underground and overground trains. From here you can easily get to popular places such Oxford Circus, Regents … Continue reading

Tube Stop Tuesday: London Waterloo

Tube Stop Tuesday: London Waterloo London Waterloo station is one of the busiest places, especially at rush hour. Located in zone one of London, from Waterloo station you can hop on several tube lines and many overground trains to to … Continue reading

Tube Stop Tuesday: Covent Garden

Tube Stop Tuesday: Covent Garden Covent Garden is my favourite place in London for food and drinks. If I make dinner plans with friends, we’ll almost always be meeting here. Located in zone one of London, it’s easy to get … Continue reading

Tube Stop Tuesday: Hyde Park Corner for Winter Wonderland 

For the last ten years Winter Wonderland has resided in Hyde Park for the festive season. I’ve visited a couple times before but not during the day, so never realised how big it was nor have I ever noticed the … Continue reading