Wanderlust Wednesday: Vieille Ville Annecy

Wanderlust Wednesday: Vieille Ville Annecy Annecy is a city in south east France, 22 miles south of Geneva. It is nicknamed ‘Pearl of French Alps’. I only spent a day in Annecy but it is one of my favourite places … Continue reading

Wanderlust Wednesday: Greenwich Market

Wanderlust Wednesday: Greenwich Market If my posts revolving around Greenwich haven’t already persuaded you to visit the place yet then I don’t know what will. It is hands down my favourite place in London, mostly because I love the park … Continue reading

Wanderlust Wednesday: The View From Waterloo Bridge

Wanderlust Wednesday: The View From Waterloo Bridge There are 33 bridges between Teddington and the open sea. The first is in Richmond and the last is the Dartford Bridge (absolute nightmare at rush hour) really close to where I grew … Continue reading

Wanderlust Wednesday: Canary Wharf Winter Lights

Wanderlust Wednesday: Canary Wharf Winter Lights One of the things I love about London is that there are always interesting events happening, and usually they are free. My blogger pal Kritt Normsaskul, author of Pulse London, recommended that I see … Continue reading

Wanderlust Wednesday: The Local Riverside Part Two

Wanderlust Wednesday: The Local Riverside Part Two As some of you may have noticed, I love taking photos by the water. I feel that water, whether it’s a lake, the sea, even a puddle, adds a bit of personality to … Continue reading

Wanderlust Wednesday: Albufeira, Portugal

Wanderlust Wednesday: Albufeira, Portugal I recently stumbled upon an old folder with all of my photos I took in Portugal when I visited the Algarve a few years back with some close friends. Even though these photos were taken years … Continue reading

Wanderlust Wednesday: A View of Paris

Wanderlust Wednesday: A View of Paris Paris; a beautiful city I will never get bored of visiting. I have travelled there a few times now – by plane, train, car, and each time has been a completely different experience. The … Continue reading

Wanderlust Wednesday: The Local Riverside

Wanderlust Wednesday: The Local Riverside Recently I looked after my friends Chihuahua, Hugo, and this involved taking him for walkies. I live in the suburbs and the River Thames passes through this town so gracefully. It’s always calm and accompanied … Continue reading

Wanderlust Wednesday: Sainte-Chapelle

Wanderlust Wednesday: Sainte-Chapelle Located in central Paris fairly close to the Notre Dame, the Sainte-Chapelle is a stunning monument which was built in 1248 to house precious Christian relics. Across 15 windows, each 15 metres high, beautiful stained glass tells … Continue reading

Wanderlust Wednesday: Californian Sunsets

I’m going to keep this week’s Wanderlust Wednesday short and sweet (like me). There is not an image that makes me feel all of those huge-desire-to-travel feelings as much as a beach sunset photo. I have a collection of sunset … Continue reading