Wanderlust Wednesday: The View From Waterloo Bridge

Wanderlust Wednesday: The View From Waterloo Bridge There are 33 bridges between Teddington and the open sea. The first is in Richmond and the last is the Dartford Bridge (absolute nightmare at rush hour) really close to where I grew … Continue reading

Tube Stop Tuesday: Embankment

Tube Stop Tuesday: Embankment This week’s Tube Stop Tuesday is going to be short and sweet. Whilst there is a lot to see and do around Embankment, it is also very close to other tube stops such as Charing Cross, … Continue reading

Photo of the Week: Happy Chinese New Year

Photo of the Week: Happy Chinese New Year  Happy Chinese New Year to all who celebrated over the weekend. Follow me for more ~ Bloglovin’ // Twitter For daily travel photos follow me on Instagram ~ @photosfromsoph

Wanderlust Wednesday: Canary Wharf Winter Lights

Wanderlust Wednesday: Canary Wharf Winter Lights One of the things I love about London is that there are always interesting events happening, and usually they are free. My blogger pal Kritt Normsaskul, author of Pulse London, recommended that I see … Continue reading

Tube Stop Tuesday: Canada Water

Tube Stop Tuesday: Canada Water This week I ventured to a location in London I’ve never actually stopped by before; Canada Water. I was on my way to meet my boyfriend at Canary Wharf, so thought I’d have a look … Continue reading

Photo of the Week: A Peaceful United States Capitol

Photo of the Week: A Peaceful United States Capitol I took this photo over two years ago whilst exploring Washington, D.C. It was summer time and the sunset was beautiful. The area was peaceful despite being a popular place for … Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Graceful

I have decided to start participating in The Daily Post Friday photo challenge. If you’d like join in you can read the instructions here. This weeks theme is: Graceful Check out the Wanderlust Wednesday post to see the full collection … Continue reading

The Liebster Award

Last week I was nominated the Liebster award! This lovely little award is usually granted to up and coming bloggers and it’s a great way to recognise new blogs and get bloggers chatting. I was kindly nominated by Ashley, author … Continue reading

Wanderlust Wednesday: The Local Riverside Part Two

Wanderlust Wednesday: The Local Riverside Part Two As some of you may have noticed, I love taking photos by the water. I feel that water, whether it’s a lake, the sea, even a puddle, adds a bit of personality to … Continue reading

Tube Stop Tuesday: Westminster

Tube Stop Tuesday: Westminster This weeks edition of Tube Stop Tuesday is dedicated to one of the most visited places in London; Westminster. Home to the popular tourist attraction that is the Palace of Westminster, but also widely known as … Continue reading