Window Seat

Well hello, there! Long time no see. Oh how I have missed you. There is just too much to fill you in on since last year, but we’ll save that for another post. I am making my grand re-appearance by … Continue reading

Photo of the Week: Let’s Watch the Sun Set

Photo of the Week: Let’s Watch the Sun Set Taken one beautiful evening in Huntington Beach, California. I love this place so much. Follow me for more ~ Bloglovin’ // Twitter For daily travel photos follow me on Instagram ~ @travelphotosfromsophie

Photo of the Week: Sunset over the Mountains

Photo of the Week: Sunset over the Mountains Taken in Idyllwild, CA. The perfect place for hiking! Check out my Wanderlust post about this beautiful place. Follow me for more ~ Bloglovin’ // Twitter For daily travel photos follow me … Continue reading

Wanderlust Wednesday: Californian Sunsets

I’m going to keep this week’s Wanderlust Wednesday short and sweet (like me). There is not an image that makes me feel all of those huge-desire-to-travel feelings as much as a beach sunset photo. I have a collection of sunset … Continue reading

Wanderlust Wednesday: Huntington Beach

This weeks Wanderlust Wednesday features one of my favourite places on Earth: Huntington Beach in California, aka Surf City. I love it. The atmosphere, the sunsets, the pier, all of it. What I love most about it is that my … Continue reading

Wanderlust Wednesday: The Mountain House in Idyllwild, California

When you think of California, you think of sandy beaches, hot weather, glamorous people, and maybe some of your favourite TV shows. I love Orange County and the big, beautiful beaches but Idyllwild is different. It’s a place for relaxing, taking … Continue reading

California Part Two

Recently I have returned back from the beautiful and sunny Huntington Beach to the gloomy and cold place that is England. It’s been a busy few days with work and sorting a new place to live and I only just … Continue reading

California Part One

After a looooong eleven hour flight and another stressful experience at LAX (I feel like I have to pass some sort of challenge to be given entrance into the States), I am here all safe and cosy in the arms of … Continue reading