Photo of the Week: Autumn Leaves

It’s time to get back into posting at least once a week, so let’s start with the Photo of the Week series 🙂 Taken in London’s Greenwich Park, this has to be my favourite Autumn themed photo I’ve captured so … Continue reading

A Scarily Good Sunset

I decided to go with the title of Scarily good because you know, it’s Halloween. So this evening I was (still am) working hard, eyes glued to the screen, editing, editing, editing. I glanced out of the window for a … Continue reading

Greenwich Park Photo Walk

Have you ever been to London during Autumn? If so, you’ll know just how pretty it can be. September-November is my favourite time to photograph the city, whilst it’s dressed in vibrant red, orange and yellow leaves. Last weekend one … Continue reading

Photo of the Week: London Eye at Sunset

Photo of the Week: London Eye at Sunset I love this spot for photos in London! I like how the sun is creeping through and lighting up the ground. I took this with the Canon 5D mark iii and the … Continue reading

Tube Stop Tuesday: Leicester Square

Tube Stop Tuesday: Leicester Square In my experience Leicester Square is one of the busiest places in London. The only time I’ve seen it relatively calm is on a weekday night. This place doesn’t sleep! It’s a lively square in … Continue reading

Photo of the Week: Blue Dusk in Greenwich

Photo of the Week: Blue Dusk in Greenwich A sunset on a clear day is always worth capturing. I loved this day in Greenwich 🙂 Shot with Canon 5D mark iii. Follow me for more ~ Bloglovin’ // Twitter For daily travel photos … Continue reading

Wanderlust Wednesday: Greenwich Market

Wanderlust Wednesday: Greenwich Market If my posts revolving around Greenwich haven’t already persuaded you to visit the place yet then I don’t know what will. It is hands down my favourite place in London, mostly because I love the park … Continue reading

Tube Stop Tuesday: A Summary

Tube Stop Tuesday: A Summary Last Tuesday I posted my tenth post in my Tube Stop Tuesday series. Where has the time gone?! It only seems like last month I was wandering around Greenwich capturing my shots for my first tube … Continue reading

Photo of the Week: London Eye in Action

Photo of the Week: London Eye in Action I love capturing the famous London Eye at night with a slow shutter. Look at all those beautiful and vibrant colours! Have you been on the London Eye before? Follow me for … Continue reading

Wanderlust Wednesday: The View From Waterloo Bridge

Wanderlust Wednesday: The View From Waterloo Bridge There are 33 bridges between Teddington and the open sea. The first is in Richmond and the last is the Dartford Bridge (absolute nightmare at rush hour) really close to where I grew … Continue reading