Window Seat

Well hello, there! Long time no see. Oh how I have missed you. There is just too much to fill you in on since last year, but we’ll save that for another post. I am making my grand re-appearance by … Continue reading

Photo of the Week: Autumn Leaves

It’s time to get back into posting at least once a week, so let’s start with the Photo of the Week series 🙂 Taken in London’s Greenwich Park, this has to be my favourite Autumn themed photo I’ve captured so … Continue reading

A Scarily Good Sunset

I decided to go with the title of Scarily good because you know, it’s Halloween. So this evening I was (still am) working hard, eyes glued to the screen, editing, editing, editing. I glanced out of the window for a … Continue reading

Greenwich Park Photo Walk

Have you ever been to London during Autumn? If so, you’ll know just how pretty it can be. September-November is my favourite time to photograph the city, whilst it’s dressed in vibrant red, orange and yellow leaves. Last weekend one … Continue reading

Photo of the Week: London Eye at Sunset

Photo of the Week: London Eye at Sunset I love this spot for photos in London! I like how the sun is creeping through and lighting up the ground. I took this with the Canon 5D mark iii and the … Continue reading

Tube Stop Tuesday: Leicester Square

Tube Stop Tuesday: Leicester Square In my experience Leicester Square is one of the busiest places in London. The only time I’ve seen it relatively calm is on a weekday night. This place doesn’t sleep! It’s a lively square in … Continue reading

Photo of the Week: Blue Dusk in Greenwich

Photo of the Week: Blue Dusk in Greenwich A sunset on a clear day is always worth capturing. I loved this day in Greenwich 🙂 Shot with Canon 5D mark iii. Follow me for more ~ Bloglovin’ // Twitter For daily travel photos … Continue reading

Wanderlust Wednesday: Greenwich Market

Wanderlust Wednesday: Greenwich Market If my posts revolving around Greenwich haven’t already persuaded you to visit the place yet then I don’t know what will. It is hands down my favourite place in London, mostly because I love the park … Continue reading

Tube Stop Tuesday: A Summary

Tube Stop Tuesday: A Summary Last Tuesday I posted my tenth post in my Tube Stop Tuesday series. Where has the time gone?! It only seems like last month I was wandering around Greenwich capturing my shots for my first tube … Continue reading

Photo of the Week: London Eye in Action

Photo of the Week: London Eye in Action I love capturing the famous London Eye at night with a slow shutter. Look at all those beautiful and vibrant colours! Have you been on the London Eye before? Follow me for … Continue reading